Brazillan Body Wave

The most recent trend in the world of hair extensions is body wave. It is a much looser and less-structured perm that adds texture and body to your hair without giving defined or kinky curls. It gives your mane the much desired bounce. It is ideal for women with thin mid-length hair.

We are wholesalers and retailers of authentic human Brazilian body wave hair extensions. Our extension is 100% virgin, human and Remy collected from the hair donors in the villages of Brazil and South America. Brazilian hair is one of the best qualities and hence is sought by high-profile Hollywood celebrities.

We make sure we do not get strands that have been shed as it is unhealthy. Rather, we opt for the ones that have been severed from the mane. Such strands are healthy and continue to be so for a much longer time.

We ensure you the virginity of the strands that are used for making our extensions. We never make it go through any kind of chemical processing. Other extension makers widely use silicone to add body and shine to the strands. And it does look healthy and shiny but only until a few washes after which the silicone coating gets removed only to reveal the dull strands underneath. Such locks obviously do nothing except for adding drabness to your look.

Our locks are ‘Remy’ in its true sense. We align it unidirectionally with the roots on one side and tips on another. It preserves the cuticles which make the strands shed free and tangle free. Synthetic extensions, coated with silicone, are not aligned in the same direction and thus once the coating is gone, hair starts to tangle and shed thereby reducing its longevity.

The mane that we collect is washed with mild shampoos and conditioned to maintain its health and luster. And this is exactly what you need to do with your extensions after you wear them. There is no need for high maintenance. You just need to clean and condition your extensions, and brush it gently in order to keep it intact for long. We suggest you replace your brush with wide-tooth comb as it helps in detangling. Vent brushes enhance your waves.

Having so many qualities does make Brazilian locks a bit more expensive than the other types but this money is worth paying for. This is because it is strong enough to endure all the chemical and styling tortures you are going to do to it. It is long lasting which means you can easily get back the worth your pennies’ worth. However, it is advised you do not go overboard with styling.

Our extensions are after all 100% human hair and, hence, will react to hot curlers, straighteners and colors in the same way as does your original hair. We are confident about the quality of our Brazilian body wave hair extensions and are not asking you to steer clear from styling; we are just asking you not to overdo it so that you can enjoy the full longevity of our extensions and make the money spent worth it.

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Order Brazillan Body Wave(4 ounce/pack):

Brazilian Straight

Brazilian Straight

Are you tired of your wild unmanageable curls and wish you had straight hair but are worried that straightening will cause irreparable damage to your mane? If yes, there is a great solution for you. Brazilian straight hair extensions! These are easy to put on and can be used on a temporary as well as permanent basis.

If this is the first time you are getting extensions, make it a point to get the ones made up of Brazilian mane. Brazilian locks are genetically blessed with strength, shine and thickness. We are wholesalers and retailers of authentic Brazilian virgin Remy hair.

We collect strands from the villages of Brazil and South America. And these are not the ones that have been shed but ones that have been cut from the mane. It also has never been styled, colored or bleached.

We never process the tresses with chemicals like silicone for adding shine and body. Instead, we wash it with a mild shampoo and condition it in order to clean and moisturize it. Silicone adds shine which goes away after a few washes and reveals the unhealthy and dull strands underneath. But, as our extensions are natural, it maintains its shine and health for a longer period of time. Again, because it is totally natural, it comes only in two colors, black and dark brown. You can obviously get it dyed in any color you wish. The natural strength of Brazilian hair does not make it vulnerable to the harmful effects of colors.

We arrange the strands in the same direction with its roots on side and tips on another. This keeps the cuticles safe and intact. Our extensions are actually ‘Remy’ as its cuticles are preserved. This keeps the locks tangle free and shed free which gives it natural sheen and smoothness making the hair look lustrous.

Brazilian straight hair naturally has light waves but you can easily make it poker straight with the help of ceramic straighteners.
Brazilian locks permit coloring and bleaching. However, that does not imply you are allowed to overdo it. Using colors, hot rollers, blow dryers, curlers and straigtheners can harm your extensions in the same way as it does to your mane. This is because our extensions are actually authentic virgin locks and hence reacts to styling and heat in the same way as real locks do.
The best ways in which you can combat the side effects of styling are to pamper and take care of the locks. To begin with, you should clean your mane regularly. It helps in removing the product build up at the roots which, if left as it is, can ruin your locks within a very short time. Use a mild shampoo followed by a good conditioner. Deep conditioning every two weeks prevents the hair from getting dry and having split ends.
Straight hair is the best way to look simple and stylish at the same time. It is the only type of hair that offers maximum variety of styling options. And, if you wish to be its proud owner, get in touch with us today for the best Remy Brazilian straight hair extensions.

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Brazilian Natural Wave

Brazilian Natural Wave

Natural wavy hair is a texture to die for. It is neither boring straight nor is it kinky curly. It is the perfect balance that every lady wishes to have. The wave-like ripples cascading down the head actually makes a woman look all the more beautiful. Well, the cascading ripples are not too far away when we, wholesalers and retailers of Brazilian natural wavy hair extensions, are there at your service.

We make our products with 100% Brazilian human virgin Remy hair. Unlike others, we do not import mane from Asia and claim it to be Brazilian after processing. In fact, we get our locks from the donors in the villages of Brazil and South America. Brazilian mane is considered to be one of the best quality locks available around the globe.

Brazilian mane is way stronger, smoother and lustrous than the other types available in the market. It is also available in a wide variety that includes straight, wavy and curly.

Instead of abusing it with chemicals like silicone, we preserve its virginity. We just wash it with a mild shampoo and condition it to maintain its hygiene and moisture. Silicone-processing lends body and shine to wefts but once the coating is gone, the strands become dull and frizzy. This is usually done in synthetic wefts which make it look shiny and full of life. But this is to be enjoyed only until a few washes after which the coating wears away and the dull strands surface. The silicone-shine also looks unnatural while authentic healthy human locks have a natural shine of their own which continues even after several washes.

Our Brazilian natural wavy hair extensions are ‘Remy’ in it actual sense. We arrange the strands in a single direction with all its roots on one side and its tips on another. This keeps its cuticles safe and sound thus maintaining the health of the wefts. As all the cuticles face the same direction, it keeps the mane tangle free and shed free. Hair is thus smoother and softer to touch.

Remy locks are also easy to style because it is similar to human hair. So, you need to treat it as your own locks. To start with, keep it clean. If you style your hair a lot, it can lead to product build up in the roots of the extension. Cleaning is necessary to avoid this. Use a mild shampoo followed by a good conditioner. Brush gently and air dry. That’s it.

Though Brazilian hair can endure styling involving heat and chemicals, it is still better not to abuse it too much. Human hair extensions are human locks and reacts to styling abuses in the same way as your own locks do. Its quality, in the long run, deteriorates. So, if you want to make the optimum use of the extensions we recommend you to style them occasionally.

Our extensions can be worn as it is as well as can be straightened or curled further. You will enjoy lush hair without worrying about tangling and shedding. Contact us today to get the waves you have dying to have since long.

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