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If you are in search of lovely hair extensions, you will find everything you need here. Being wholesalers and retailers of virgin Brazilian and Indian hair extensions, we can cater to salons in addition to individual clients. People in the area of India and Brazil are blessed with lovely, healthy hair.

Unlike other extension companies, we use only authentic Brazilian hair. We get the hair from different villages of Brazil and South America. The majority of the Indian hair comes from the temples of India where it is customary to sacrifice one’s hair to show gratitude to gods and goddesses.

We keep the natural beauty of the strands intact by not processing them. We do not process it using any type of chemicals to make it look great as it is that way naturally. We don’t use these because silicone sheds its cuticles and the artificial sheen given by it wears out after a few washes leaving the strands dry and lifeless.

Instead they are washed in a mild shampoo and then condition and air dry them before making them into extensions. This makes sure that its natural quality and strength are preserved. You get virgin Brazilian hair extensions that are durable and long lasting.

We are careful about the way the strands are arranged in our Brazilian Remy hair extensions and Indian Remy hair extensions. Our specialists will arrange the strands with the tips on one end and roots on another. Because this means fewer tangles and no shedding you will have better volume and they will last longer.

Caring for these hair extensions will be easy also. There are no special products needed to care for the hair because they are totally natural. You do want to be careful about using too many chemicals though because it will harm the hair weave in the same way as it does to your own mane.

Extensions made with Indian and Brazilian hair are very popular due to the superior quality. Everybody from Hollywood stars to business women want to have it for adding length and bounce to their original wefts.   A huge advantage that Indian Remy hair extensions and Brazilian Remy hair extensions have is they match almost any type of style be it European, American or African.

We make different types of extensions like Brazilian natural wave, Brazilian body wave, Brazilian straight, Brazilian curly and Brazilian kinky extensions. We make the same varieties with virgin Indian hair as well. You can choose from a plethora of options ranging from sew-in and clip-on to fusion I-tips and glue-on. Contact us now to get the thick and long hair you have always longed for.

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